Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Local SEO can Help Your Business

How Local SEO can Help Your Business
  • Less Expensive- when you engage in a global SEO campaign your budget can run into thousands of dollars. If you want to focus more on being locally recognized then you do not need to spend so much.
  • Less competition – A local SEO there are lesser number of businesses for top ranking in a localized search. Hence your chances of a good rank increase substantially.
  • Choice of Keywords is Easy – when you are campaign for a ranking on a global search result the keywords tend to be more generalized; however for a local business the keywords will be more specific thus even competition for keywords is greatly reduced allowing for greater visibility with geo-specific keywords.
  • Conversion rates increase- it goes without saying that through search engine optimization that is more locally focused the traffic that comes to your site will also be highly convertible.
  • SEO Results in Less time- while it is commonly understood that SEO efforts take some time to show results but are nevertheless highly effective in the long run; local SEO has been observed to show results fasterbecause of it being highly specific in nature.